This Fat Activist Logic Broke Me (HORRIFYING)

The Liver As a Fat-Burning Machine

The liver has many different important functions, such as filtering blood as it passes through it from the digestive tract. Chemicals and toxins that are in the blood must be removed, or if these toxins reach our vital organs it could have drastic results on our health. Best case scenario if they aren’t removed by the liver is they end up in tucked away in our fat cells. Body detoxing helps to get rid of some of them, but we’d rather not deal with detoxification if we could.

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Why It’s Time to Break Up With Your Scale

Are you one to get up first thing in the morning, and race to the scale to see if the numbers have changed since the day before? If you haven’t, many people do, and it can become an obsessive habit. People go through great lengths to change their diet and exercise routines, and want to ensure that the amount of work they put in pays off.

The Best Recipe for Weight Loss

The weight loss is not achieved thorough cardio exercise and strength training alone but most importantly, the recipe for the weight loss is created in the kitchen. By changing your eating habits, and opting, instead, to healthier options and more nutritious meals, you will be able to maximize the benefit of exercise and achieve weight loss in the long run.

The Truth Behind Weight Loss Products

Weight loss products for weight loss are one of the most sought-after products available in the market today. These products offer you a method of losing weight drastically for just a short period of time – even for just as short as three days!

Weight Loss Breakfast

Just because you want to lose weight, does not mean you need to skip meals. Particularly, breakfast meals, which are the most important meals of the day. Here you will find a variety of breakfast options to help you start your day and lose weight.

Re-Think Your Drink to Cut Calories

Cutting calories from beverages can add up quickly throughout your day. Re-think your drink to cut calories from beverages and watch pounds drop off.

Stop The Madness! No More Long Boring Cardio If You Want to Lose the Pounds!

The American Heart Association recommends 1 hour of steady state cardio a day. This article explains how they may be wrong.

Machine V Free Weights – Which One Is the Health Dilemma?

This article explains the reason why you should almost exclusively use free weights. After reading this article you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to pick better exercises in the gym.

When Elves, Bows, And Fat Loss Cross Paths

Care to find out how shooting a bow, Lord of The Rings style, can help you get in better shape? If not, then this isn’t the article for you.

Losing Weight In Midlife

Most people are caught off guard when they enter midlife and find themselves gaining weight all of a sudden, when nothing else has really changed in their lives. Midlife means many changes and if you’re not careful, putting on pounds will be one of them!

How Protein Benefits Your Metabolism And Your Weight Loss Goals

It is hard to keep fit if your metabolism is sluggish, but many people do not understand exactly what it takes to boost metabolism and burn fat quickly and efficiently. In fact, most dieters do exactly the opposite of what they need to do to build muscle and burn fat.

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