Lose Belly Fat FAST (5 Steps to KICKSTART Your Fat Loss & Metabolism)

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Every dude wants abs, but fat is the nemesis. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM https://iamalpham.com/ AaronMarino https://aaronmarino.com/ Pete & Pedro https://peteandpedro.com/ Tiege Hanley https://www.tiege.com/and ENEMY https://enemy.com/ says fat loss videos emphasize being in a caloric deficit to burn body fat. You have to burn more calories than you consume (fat is used to keep you going). But there’s more to it, and there’s more to getting your body losing fat FAST. This is not a quick fix, but you will be sexy after 2 months! Keep going and keep doing what you need to do consistently to see results!


STEP ONE: record caloric and physical benchmarks.

++ Keep track of what you’re eating for 7-days BEFORE proceeding to steps 2-5.

++ Record your weight, and take body measurements.

++ Take pictures of your body (front and sides).

STEP TWO: reduce your calorie intake 500 calories every day for 7 days. You need a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose a pound. If you reduce lower and start burning calories, you will lose faster.

++ Don’t crash diet!

++ Cut out sugar (processed carbs) and alcohol to see a quick reduction of body fat.

++ Also, limit the amount you eat out and don’t ‘wing’ a healthy diet (plan your weekly meals).

++ Have a protein shake in the morning to help shred fat: ice + 1 cup almond milk + 1 scoop Beam whey protein + lemon extract or low cal OJ. Alpha also has other combinations that are crazy delicious — check out his recipes.

STEP THREE: lift weights to add lean muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate. Your measurements when you start will let you see an accurate picture of your body composition during this process.

++ After you workout, have one scoop of whey protein in water to help you body rebuild bigger and stronger.

++ Also, if you like a pre-workout, Beam’s doesn’t crash you because they use a natural caffeine source. You can workout longer and stronger.

STEP FOUR: work the abs. The more you work them, the more you build them, the more you have separation, and the more you can see them with a higher body fat.

++ Bench crunch: allows for an incredible range of motion. Modify if you have back issues as Alpha demonstrates. You can also make it more challenging by straightening your legs. Do 3 sets of 20; add a weight to make it even more challenging.

Hanging leg raises: choose the version that fits your level.

Cables: don’t sit back on your heels. Bring your body down with a pause; the only body part moving is the torso. 12-15 reps for 3 sets.

STEP FIVE: drink a gallon of water a day. You can squeeze lemon into it, which is a natural diuretic. Drinking a lot of water will make you look leaner so you won’t retain water subcutaneously that makes you look soft and doughy

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