How to Lose Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat is probably one of the most common goals in fitness.
I get asked about this EVERY DAY. Multiple times.
And while we CAN lose belly fat, we can’t significantly TARGET our fat loss there with ab workouts like leg raises, situps, or crunches.
“Spot reduction” with exercise is not effective.*
We lose fat proportionately throughout our body with diet and exercise.
Individuals do tend to store fat in different areas, but this is largely up to genetics.

*I’m aware of some more recent studies that show some spot reduction by doing high-intensity workouts in an area followed by cardio. However, there aren’t MANY studies about this, and it’s debatable whether or not this is significantly more effective than just regular diet and exercise. It’s also unknown if there were other factors in this study. It’s interesting, but I’m hesitant to recommend it until we know more.

Legal Notice: Consult your doctor before beginning any kind of exercise program. This video does not replace a physical therapy program or consultation with a medical professional.

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