Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I will be sharing my full diet and workout with some natural body transformation tips. During the pandemic, I gained a lot of weight and I wanted to shred it. I followed a strict regimen for weight loss and followed the Indian diet, I will share that with you all. During my transformation, I had become lactose sensitive and I started searching plant based protein powder as whey is made from milk, and I found an amazing protein powder for muscle building and defined abs.

This whey protein powder comes in the category of vegan protein foods and can be used to real your daily protein intake. It’s a protein powder for weight gain or muscle build and is called Kapiva Vegan Protein.

Kapiva Vegan Protein is a vegan protein powder and a healthy mix of nutrients with 26g of protein, 4.97g BCAAs, 4.54g Glutamic Acid and 26 Vitamins & Minerals. This is a great option for enhancing protein in vegetarian diets which are often low in protein. It also helps you recover quickly after a workout and supports the process of muscle building.

To buy Kapiva Vegan Protein, tap on this link: https://kapiva.store/theformaleditjan21
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0:00 – My story
01:46 – Diet Mistakes
2:34 – Formula of weight loss or weight gain ( calorie deficit and surplus )
3:50 – Common problems with diet
4:10 – Full day of eating
5:24 – Essential Vitamins
5:32 – Effective Cardio
5:55 – Abs secret and schedule
6:23 – Workout schedule and tips

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In this video:

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