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Detailed fasting diet plan :-

GROUND RULE : Stay hydrated throughout the day. Don’t aim to drink a certain amount of water, just make sure your urine is clear most of the time.

Meal 0 (DURING FAST) : Black coffee, Green Tea, Black Tea (WITHOUT SUGAR)

MEAL 1 – Big bowl of fruit

MEAL 2 (2:00 PM) – Big serving of protein (Chicken, fish, eggs, egg whites, red meat) + Big serving of carbs (Roti, brown rice, oats, sweet potato) + OPTIONAL high fat ingredient (Nuts, egg yolk, ghee) + Veggies (Keep mixing it up) + OPTIONAL Dal

Meal 3 (4:30 PM) – Eggs + Toast/Carb source. OR Big serving of Upma/Oats/Soya chunks (for vegetarians)

Meal 4 (7:00 PM) – POST WORKOUT – Protein shake + Water + 2 Bananas. (If you don’t use protein shakes – eggs, chicken, paneer, soya chunks, dal, sprouts)

Meal 5 (9:00 PM) – Same as lunch

Meal 6 (10:00 PM) – OPTIONAL (For those trying to gain weight) – Serving of nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Peanuts)

Finally coming out with today’s detailed and free of cost Intermittent fasting diet plan, to help all of you with your fat loss or muscle building journey. This is my full day of intermittent fasting eating diet plan for fast fat loss. Fasting diets and intermittent fasting lifestyles can be a little challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. Thats why i thought I’d come out with today’s video. This IF diet plan will work for you irrespective of your goals – if you want to burn fat, keep your calories below maintenance/ if you want to put on muscle, eat slightly above maintenance. Intermittent fasting diet plan for fast fat loss in the form of a free diet chart.

Here’s y full day of eating on intermittent fasting – Hope you guys like it!


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