Calling Out Terrible Fitness Influencers (Ft: Stephanie Lange)

A Multi-Faceted Weight Loss Supplement

The market is flooded with tons of supplements. The health craze that has taken over society these last few years has encouraged manufacturers to get into the supplement game.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Celebrity Diets

It increasingly seems like our dieting fads are dictated by celebrities, and this isn’t entirely a good thing. There are a lot of problems with trusting celebrity diets, so read on to find out what.

Want to Lose Weight? Don’t Cook Your Food!

We all know that there are several weight loss programs that exist on the market to today but very few are as simple as eating a raw food diet. Many foods become much more calorific when cooked, especially if they are seasoned prior to cooking or cooked in a way which is high in fat, such as frying. A meal which is fried or baked using butter or oil can have as much as 25 per cent more calories than the uncooked ingredients alone.

5 Things You Need to Know About Abdominal Fat

The amount of diet programs available has increased significantly in recent years with making outrageous claims of achieving weight loss. But are these programs as effective as they make out? Well, generally speaking, not exactly.

How to Make Healthy Soup Recipes for Weight Loss: 3 Things You Must Do

This article is on how to make healthy soup recipes for weight loss. Regardless of your goal, whether you have to lose a stone, 2 stone or even just drop a few pounds, starving yourself is not the answer. You need food to function properly, food that’s going to give you enough fuel, energy and has the correct balance of proteins, fat and carbs.

3 Simple Tricks On How To Stop Stress Eating (This Helped Me GREATLY!)

Is stress eating keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals? Here are 3 simple tricks that can help you!

True Way to Get Rid of Cellulite: Skin-Level Muscle Toning

One of the most confusing aspects of cellulite is why it can be found in some young women, and not others – and how some women get it as they age – and some never get it at all. When I say ‘confusing’ – I don’t mean confusing to me – I mean ‘confusing’ to women, in general…

Is Your Diet the Cause of Your Problems?

Taking advantage of an efficient, effective diet program could be the difference between a healthy, active life and a long stay in hospital. The cost in medical care and medication while trying to recuperate from a long period of self-inflicted illness can have a demoralizing effect on your budget and your family.

What Is Chitosan and Does It Help to Lose Weight?

Chitosan is taken from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the shells of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimps, and lobsters. It is sold as a dietary supplement and is believed to work as a natural weight loss aid. That’s not all, it is also believed to reduce high cholesterol, decrease high blood pressure, eliminate heartburn and IBS, as well as increase the absorption of calcium.

Five Nutrients to Help With Weight Loss

What you eat plays a vital role in weight loss or gain. Now, we all know that. However, losing weight is not just about eating a low-calorie diet.

Cheat Meals: Do Not Slow Down Your Fat Loss Progress

How to use cheat meals to your benefit and to not slow your weight loss progress. Cheat meals help people with increasing their metabolism, their weight loss results and helping them stay on track with eating healthy.

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