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‘Tis the Season to Eat and Not Gain

Do you tend to gain weight during the holiday season? If so, you’re not alone. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, research suggests that Americans, on average, gain about one pound during the holiday season and those who are overweight already will likely gain a bit more. So, what’s a pound or so – no big deal – right?

What A 3 Day Diet Plan Can Do For You

Life problems are largely due to some deep hidden reasons. Solution to these problems is so often not a quick fix.

Choosing Fat Burners Based on Your Fitness Goals

People turn to fat burners to speed up the process of losing weight. However, in order to get the desired results, you will need to choose your supplements based on your fitness goals and not because it happens to be the most popular one in the market. Read on to know exactly what you need to look for to get the body of your dreams.

Late Night Eating Is a Prime Weight Loss and Fat Burning Enemy

Those who seek to lose weight and burn fat are plagued with bad diet habits that they have a very difficult time breaking away from, and one of the most common behaviors that contributes to excess body fat is late night eating, where the largest meal of the day is consumed in proximity to bedtime. For many, a large late night meal is a symptom of emotional eating, a phenomena where food is used as a source of comfort. Because stress at work prompts many to seek out an enjoyable behavior to counteract negative feelings, a…

Three Fifteen Minute Workouts That Will Rev Up Your Metabolism

One of the biggest drawbacks to staying healthy is finding the time to get into a gym and work out. Working out, though a small part of the whole health and fitness picture as diet is and always will be the majority, is still important. It is important to rev the body up enough that it continues to burn calories in the post workout phase. This is accomplished by pushing your body to the limit, and these three workouts will do just that in only 15 minutes a day.

Is a No-Diet Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight? 3 Ways to Eat What You Want

It’s been argued for sometime that by listening to your hunger intuitively, you can in fact lose weight effectively without avoiding what you love to eat. However you have to really understand how you feel after say you’ve just had a Big Mac. Do you really feel pleasantly satiated for the next 2 to 3 hours or do you experience a pleasurable peak in energy followed by a trough shortly after?

You Can Lose Weight With Healthy Smoothies

Try this strawberry and banana smoothie to please that desire for sugary foods. Cut up a banana and include some strawberries. Include pieces from an orange around a half cup, one-half cup of low-fat natural yogurt or milk, and half dozen ice cubes.

“Do Weight Loss Right: Five Lessons Learned From a Chronic Yoyo Dieter”

Don’t get stuck in a rut of yoyo dieting. Learn from my experiences of gaining and losing 400 pounds what not to do if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

How to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life in Just 20 Minutes Three Times a Week

It doesn’t take as much effort as you think in order to get fit quickly. You can burn fat and build muscle without having to go to the gym each day. Interval training is the most effective way to do this, so here’s how to get started.

What Diet Plan Can Best Work For Me?

The purpose of writing this article is to acquaint you with diets that can burn your flab. It is also geared towards alerting you on poor foods that can increase your fat. ENJOY.

Paleo Diet Review

People everywhere are looking for the right way that they can lose weight and get in to better shape soon. Since this is a top priority for many, they will want to explore their options when it comes time to find the best diet to help them lose weight. They can check out this Paleo Diet review, which will cover the basics of the popular new program.

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